Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fleece Cape

Sewing with fleece is a bit tricky for older sewing machines. I suspect my machine which was created before polar fleece was invented may not be designed to work with fabrics of this bulk and weight. Polar Fleece was created in 1979 and is made from Polyethylene terephthalate and other synthetics. To date I've created three rather successful projects using fleece, a turtle and ninja toys for my daughter and a hooded cape. I've found that sewing over more than two layers of fabric isn't possible for my machine. Usually the area can be trimmed to eliminate the bulk but that isn't possible with fleece. I'd recommend surging the edges to create a finished look. The cape which was finished just in time for Simchat Torah service last night was by far the simplest project. The pattern came from Simplicity does not require lining and closes with a ribbon tie. My version uses fleece binding and a snap for the closure and no other trims for decoration. While this is not the cutest photo of my daughter you can clearly see the cape fit and drape. She is in the elevator of our building all dressed up for services.

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