Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whats New....

I haven’t posted in a while. But I have been busy. Very very busy. It all began with a trip up north to visit friend who are expecting their first babies. I created a bib assembly line and cranked out a ton of bibs and coordinating burp cloth sets.

Then I decided to expand my toy collection and created a bunny. Each one has a squeaker inside and a hand embroidered face. I was unsure which tail color looked better so i made one of white flannel and one to match the ears. I'm a little concerned about how the ears will fair once washed. I think the next batch will have a reverse applique for a cleaner edge and perhaps a little cellophane under the tail for tactile interest.

That burst of creative energy was followed by a fabric buying spree and more coasters and another line of toys. One of my new favorite coasters line was tutorial found on the sew mama sew bloghttp://sewmamasew.com. They are called roller coasters. I've modified the design a bit to fit my personal taste. They have such a classy feel and adding rick rack is a nice way to highlight colors in the fabric.

The bots shown here are each named for the image which appears on their tummy. Heart bot was a gift to my daughter who really likes it. I had to back the cut out with medium fusible web to maintain structure. The one feature I really like are the faces. I'm still trying to find a consistent style which all my toys will have have but the bots faces are all embroidered using glow in the dark thread which is fun at bed time. I'd like to create another project which uses this thread.
At this point it was mid November and it occured to me that i don't have any idea how I'm going to decorated for the Holiday. While there is not shortage of cute Christmas themed decorations I'm looking for either neutral items of non cheesy Hanukkah decorations. I've got to search the web for ideas. If I come across anything ground breaking I'll post a picture and link to it.

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