Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Japanes Craft Books

I have discovered Japanese Sewing Crafts!!
On a recent trip to Seattle I visit the Kinokuniya Book Store. While small it is densely packed with books on all subjects (near as I could tell as they are all in Japanese) and has a nice craft section including books on knitting, sewing, folded paper ect. In the last three weeks I have acquired three books each containing some of the cutest and practical little creations. All three books are written in Japanese and include detailed photos and measurements in centimeters. A great starting place to find Japanese craft items including books and fabric online is http://www.superbuzzy.com/ which features all sorts of wonderful craft books, fabric, kits ect.

I’ve developed a long list of I want to create from each of the books. I accomplished the first one last night and think its turned out quiet lovely. The leaf shaped pot holder I’ve made with purple gingham cotton and linen. There is a layer of insul-bright and a layer of batting in between and the stem was from green craft ribbon. The design incorporates a small amount of Velcro at the base of the leave and end of the ribbon so the pot holder can latch around the handle of a tea pot and use to lift the lid on and off. The next stage in the project is to create matching coasters.

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