Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fast and Fun Hoop Art

January is famously a time to regroup, get organize, and evaluate your life. Generally I make resolutions for the up coming year. This year, no resolutions. I did decide to get organized and decorate starting with my craft space. Currently my crafty oasis is a corner of our dining room which is also the play room for our daughter. With my daughter curiosity in mind I installed wall mounted storage well out of her reach to house my frequently used items and current projects. I also hung a few art pieces. I recently discovered an Etsy store called Little Pretty Studio which makes something they call A is a bulletin board made out of craft hoop. The store is fabulous so please please visit it at . Since I’ve gotten back into cross stitching I have a lot of hoops around and more importantly lots of fabric. I took one look at the and thought I can do that. So I tried. Let me tell you sometimes it is better to support a fellow crafts person than D.I.Y. Cork is difficult to cut and glue is messy. I made one 10” cork and fabric style bulletin board and decided to purchase my next one recommend the store to my friends. I did decide to cover hoops with some of my favorite fabric pints and hang them as art. No cork involved. I highly recommend this is fun and fast art project and a great use for small fabric scraps.

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Amy said...

hi glenda! i got your fat quarter in the mail - thanks!!